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Monday, 20 October 2008 10:29
Nankai Alumni Association – San Francisco Bay Area
"The goal of the Nankai Alumni Association is to bring its members together to share experiences, to nurture friendship, to establish student scholarships, to promote cultural exchanges between Nankai University and the United States, and to stimulate innovations.”
Nankai Alumni Association (NAA) in America was established in New York in 1946, when the late President and founder of Nankai, Mr. Chang Bei Ling was on a trip to New York to seek medical treatment and to receive an honorary Doctoral Degree from Columbia University. The famous Chinese writer Lao She was invited to deliver a very humorous keynote speech at the celebration. That day was also President Chang's 70th birthday. Taking the opportunity, the alumni attending the meeting also celebrated President Chang's birthday, which made the establishment of NAA a very memorable and happy event.  
The first Chairman of NAA was Mr. Zhi Meng, who was also the Chairman of the China Institute in New York. At that time, there was no term limit, so Mr. Meng continuously served as NAA Chairman until he passed away in 1957. By this time, the membership of NAA had grown to about 80 strong. Mr. Shi-Kuei Fan, 1957 Chairman, made the first address book for NAA members. About thirty years later, 1986 Chairman Mr. Wen-Hua Zheng had collected as many as three hundred addresses. Later Mr. Guang-Hua Liu (1987 Chairman) printed the address books. Due to more and more Nankai people moving to the United States, NAA was split into three geographic regions: (1) Eastern US region including the New York Area and the Washington DC Area, (2) Mid-US region including the Chicago Area, and (3) Western US region including the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. In 1996, Chairman Su-Chu Chang and Vice-Chairman Huai-Shi Shong had collected over 600 NAA members in all the regional NAA offices!  
Nankai Alumni Association - San Francisco Bay Area was established in 1957. During the mid 90s, Mr. Xiaochun Mu, Mr. Hongye (Yale) Sun, Mr. Peijun Ding and Mrs. Bo Zheng helped reorganize the Nankai Alumni Association-San Francisco Area (NAA-SFBA). Former chairmen were: Mr. Charles L. Shin (1996-1997), Mr. Jun (Gordon) Liu (1998), Mr. Yi Liang (1999-2001), Shengheng (Steven) Lin (2002-2006) and Bin Lee (2007). They were all very effective leaders of our organization. There was about a 20% to 30% increase in NAA-SFBA membership every year, leading to a present total of 600 members. NAA-SFBA members consist of students, scientists, professors, engineers, administrators, business owners, and many others in diverse industries. NAA-SFBA has a Senior Consultant Team (SCT). The team includes two lifetime members: Dr. Julie C. Yang and Dr. Lester H. Lee. NAA - SFBA's success is attributable to the guidance and help of the SCT.  
The current NAA-SFBA Executive Team: President: Shengheng (Steven) Lin, Senior VP: Xiaoming Shang, VP: Jun Ding, Hua Yang, James (Xuejun) Deng and Zhiru (Joy) Zhao, Treasurer: Carrier Huang.

The current NAA-SFBA Board Chairman is Shengheng (Steven) Lin. Members and volunteer leaders are: Bin Lee, Guohua Chen, Zhiguo Chen, James (Xuejun) Deng, Jun Ding, Dongdong Ge, Qilin Hu, Carrie Huang, Yi Liang, Yong Li, Jun (Gordon) Liu, Xiaoming Shang, Hongye (Yale) Sun, Tianshen Tang, Yan Wang, Tao (Tom) Yang, Wenxin (Wendy) Yu,Hua Yang, Zhiyong (Victor) Zhang and Zhiru (Joy) Zhao
NAA-SFBA leadership is devoted to carrying out the mission set forth by the organization. Most NAA-SFBA members are part of the local scientific and engineering community. It is our conviction that by the efforts of all members, NAA-SFBA will continue to play a significant role in contributing to the San Francisco Bay Area, a place of strategic importance to science and technology, to education, and to multi-cultural integration.
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