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Dear Members,

Want to meet long-time-no- see friends, don't be surprised seeing your elementary/high school/college classmates, or even old coworkers over Tianjin TXH Mid-Autumn Dumpling Party. Come over to make new friends, don't be afraid being left alone, at least we all have one common topic Tianjin, our hometown. Share those old good memories which buried in your deep deep mind. Please come join us, variety tastes of dumpling, and moon cakes will be provided.

To make sure enough food and space arranged properly, we would like to know your availability for Mid-Autumn Dumpling Party, and whether Saturday 9/13 lunch time or dinner time works better for you if you come. Currently we have a little trouble on renting facility in the late afternoon of 9/13 over Mclean Community Center. I am still looking for the alternative location which will be convenient for both Maryland and Virgina members. If you have any recommended location with reasonable renting price, feel free to either reply this email or send to tianjindc@gmail. com.

As of Rafting, it's very fun, relaxing outdoor activity for both family and single friends, plus the delicious food afterward... Don't
miss this wonderful opportunity to take a short break from your routine daily work, and get connect with your Tianjin Tong Xiang. Since the target date is close by, please send your response ASAP, the spaces are limited. Don't forget to provide your preferred date 8/1 or 8/15.

Best Regards,
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Posted by wujing, on 06-09-2008 22:22, , Registered

Posted by å¼ æµ·æ³¢, on 31-08-2008 11:37, , Registered
1/8 15/8, 指阴历吧。 :)

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